Journal Entry #1

-Victims are aged 20-30's all are Caucasian, decent height, brown hair and all look attractive these murders happened around midnight to early morning.

-It takes about 45mins by bus 20mins by car to go between the park and the nightclub.

-Their names are Laura Parks, Rebecca Richards (Friend of Hannah), Kelly Phelps and Sarah Nim.

-Steven was at crime scene. Footprints matching the outline of a "runner". The murderer had wet shoes and not from rain or a wet ground. 

-Murderer likely took the bus too and from the murders.

-Bartender heard noises of a dumpster moving around 1am-2:30am. 2 buses Operating, drivers named David and Paul.

-David says that our culprit was wearing a tracksuit jumper and looked he had been out for a run. He was also carrying around a tin lunchbox.

-Our suspect is tall, Caucasian, is very pale.

-Suspect hit Vincent with a crowbar and ran. Vincent fired off one shot but missed. Suspect was then hit by a car and killed on impact. Contents of lunchbox were destroyed. 

-There appears to be more than one killer. Perhaps a group or cult of some kind?

Journal Entry #1

Boulder Falls, Arizona Kunjax