Larry Tower

Detective of Boulder Falls PD.


A lean but well built man in his late 30’s. Larry is fairly tall, edging in at just over 6 foot. He seems to always have his revolver on him.


An old school detective that works for the Boulder Falls PD.

Larry grew up with a fairly average family in a fairly average neighborhood. Never excelling at regular schoolwork Larry always did well at logic puzzles. Eventually competing locally and even going on to win the state championships.

After school Larry jumped from job to job never finding one that suited his interests. Eventually on a dare Larry signed up for the police force. It was there that he found his ability to decipher puzzles to be extremely useful in his investigations. Acknowledging his talents Larry quickly ascended the ranks to Detective.

Larry has always taken his job extremely seriously. Putting in overtime and even working on cases in his free time. Due to his work ethic, Larry has never had time for a serious relationship. However he maintains close ties to his family, especially his younger sister, Ashley. Currently Larry is the proud uncle of two young boys. Whenever he sees them he regales them with tales of his cases, always making sure to leave out the less savory aspects of his work.

During his rise up the ranks there were a number of cases that never sat right with Larry. Cases where the facts never added up. People dead in houses with all the doors locked and none of the windows broken. Animal attacks were there were no local animals capable of inflicting that type of damage and the list goes on.

Whenever Larry brings up these cases with his superiors they always brushed it off, instead offering numerous excuses as to why Larry should drop it. However Larry never dropped these cases instead bringing in his friend Vincent Grimes to assist him. Vincent was SWAT officer who occasionally worked with Larry on his cases. During his numerous investigations Larry has befriended a local paramedic by the name of Dustin Burke. Dustin assists Larry by giving him information about people he has brought in to treat.

Larry and Vincent each bought a share of a factory where they store their weapons and their collections of weird cases.

Larry Tower

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