Vincent Grimes

Ex-S.W.A.T agent who retired for his family


Vincent is an older man in his early 50’s, he is tall with greying hair. He is fairly well built, a leftover from his S.W.A.T. days which he has maintained to current day.


Vincent Grimes was son to Robert Grimes and his wife Victoria Grimes. They were a pair of german and swiss immigrants who migrated during the mid 1950’s. He has a sister names Lea.

Vincent was born in Houston, Texas. He was defensive linebacker for his high school football team, however as he graduated Vincent joined the police force.

His parents died when he was in his 30’s, so he moved to Arizona to be a part of the SWAT unit.

It was round this time he was reunited with his wife to be Catherine, a girl he fancied for in high school, who became a lawyer.

The two settled down and had kids, a son named Daniel after Catherine’s grandfather and a daughter named Victoria, after Vincent’s mother.

During a SWAT raid on a manor that was suspected of human trafficking, the unit encountered a basement full of gore and corpses. In the center was something feeding on them, the unit shot the creature and dealt with the problem.

The case was written off as The Mad Cannibal of Green Manor, and the rest of his unit and superiors wrote the case off as strange, but just another day on the job.

Vincent however knew that the thing wasn’t human, it was too far off from what a human looks like. He later retired from the SWAT, rejecting a desk position.

Vincent is not too sure if he saw the horrors of man that day, or something more. However he knew he would be better off being closer to his family, the hushed nature of the case always irking him.

He has since taken up a job as an electrician, and laborer.

Now later in life one of his old police friends Larry Tower has come to him about some strange happenings and cases. Which now that his children have grown up he has felt the need to investigate fully, he himself had been keeping old files and bits and pieces of information he has collected since the manor incident. An itch for the truth of the strange happenings that he sees in small news stories and gossip from his old police buddies.

Recently however Vincent has felt the need to get more hands on, as danger lurks, strange cases of deaths happening in his town.

Vincent Grimes

Boulder Falls, Arizona Melos